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56-Year-Old Lost $150,000 Life Savings When She Followed A Friend’s Investment Advice — Now She Can’t Forgive Herself: ‘I’m So Ashamed’



Life is a series of financial choices, both big and small. We diligently save for retirement, make savvy investments, and steer clear of unnecessary debt. Yet, sometimes, despite our best intentions, we stumble upon a financial faux pas — an ill-advised investment, a reckless purchase, or simply a misplaced trust.

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A 56-year-old reader recently wrote to Slate’s “Dear Pay Dirt” advice column, expressing deep regret over a significant financial loss. In her 30s, she had invested $150,000 in a pharmaceutical company based on a friend’s recommendation, only to lose the entire amount two decades later when the company folded. This was all her money and what she was going to use to retire in a few years at 60.

Overwhelmed with regret, she added, “I’m so ashamed and can’t move on!” Signing her plea for advice as “Can’t Forgive or Forget,” she hoped for guidance on how to navigate this emotional and financial turmoil.

Financial expert and advice columnist, Pay Dirt, responded with empathy and wisdom, highlighting the importance of learning from mistakes and moving on. “Everyone makes mistakes in investing,” she reassured the reader, emphasizing that dwelling on the past only hinders progress.

Pay Dirt also stressed the significance of the reader’s overall financial journey. “Breaking the cycle of poor financial decisions in your family and building a solid financial foundation for yourself is no small feat,” she wrote, reminding the reader of her remarkable accomplishments.

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The advice columnist encouraged the reader to shift her focus from the loss to her many successes, asking, “What were the specific decisions you made that got you where you are today?” By acknowledging and celebrating her achievements, the reader can begin to heal and forgive herself.

The columnist also suggested paying it forward as a way to transform the experience into something positive. “Write down a list of ideas about how you can pay it forward, to help the next generation build wealth,” she advised. By sharing her knowledge and experience, the reader can empower others to make sound financial decisions.

Market conditions are volatile, unexpected events can arise, and even those who save diligently may encounter unforeseen financial setbacks. This setback, however, doesn’t diminish the reader’s significant accomplishments in overcoming a challenging financial upbringing and building a substantial nest egg.

As Pay Dirt aptly put it, “You’ve done something truly amazing. Congratulations. Enjoy your retirement, whenever you get there.”

Remember, while friends mean well, a professional advisor’s role is to ensure your financial decisions are sound, sustainable, and aligned with your long-term goals. It’s always wise to seek expert advice rather than relying solely on tips from friends or personal hunches.

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