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Gen Alpha is so online that 95% of their parents learn about brands from them, survey says



Gen Alpha may not be the foremost generation on every brand’s radar yet, but it’s time retailers start thinking about them and their interests.

According to a new consumer survey conducted by DKC’s analytics group, 95% of Gen Alpha parents learn about new products or brands from their child.

  • Moreover, 49% of these parents’ purchasing decisions were influenced by their child’s opinion.

The survey, conducted across the US, included responses from 1,000 American adult parents of Gen Alpha children aged 8 to 13, which the report called the “gateway generation.”

Not only is this generation great at making their opinion count in the household, but also has some spending power of their own.

  • About 90% of Gen Alpha children surveyed are finding ways to make money one way or another, such as through chores, allowance, and online selling or reselling.

And if the typical Gen Alpha child already has spending power, it’s evident they also have their preferred outlets and products to shop. 

  • According to the survey, 91% of the parents surveyed said their children loved to shop, while 92% said they were great at finding “interesting new products.”

The 10 stores that topped the kids’ list of favorite retailers were Walmart, Amazon, Target, Nike, GameStop, Five Below, Shein, Costco, Dollar Tree, and Sephora.

This report was initially published by Retail Brew.

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