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National Bank of Canada: Buy For Its Growth And Keep For Its Safety (TSX:NA:CA)



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Pitfalls of the Banking Industry

Investing in a banking stock is generally not the most exciting thing one can do in the world of the stock market. Banking history spans hundreds of years, and their business practices have remained largely

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) were closed or received FDIC financial assistance

Bank Oct ’19 Oct ’20 Oct ’21 Oct ’22 Oct ’23 TTM
NA 6.15% 5.11% 10.75% 8.36% 7.40% 7.68%
TD 6.01% 4.12% 6.06% 7.03% 6.21% 6.45%
RY 6.09% 4.60% 6.25% 4.18% 5.39% 5.04%
CM 6.87% 4.43% 7.26% 6.10% 4.67% 4.77%
BNS 4.95% 2.70% 4.22% 3.65% 2.26% 2.07%
BMO 6.86% 3.44% 5.90% 9.34% 5.46% 6.16%

Bank PE PB Dividend Yield
NA 12.1x 1.7x 3.7%
TD 12.1x 2.7x 5.1%
RY 13.2x 1.8x 3.8%
CM 10.1x 1.2x 5.4%
BNS 10.6x 1x 6.5%
BMO 17.6x 1.2x 4.6%

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