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‘Quinn Twins’ reflect on Friday gridiron matchup ahead of conference opener



WILMINGTON, N.C. (WWAY) – Football is a sport usually credited for creating brotherhoods. On Friday night, brothers were pitted against each other.

The Ashley Screaming Eagles, in their first home game at Ashley Stadium this season, hosted the Laney Buccaneers to begin conference play. A game normally exciting to the masses, it was extra special for the Quinn family.

Braden (Ashley starting quarterback) and Joshua (Laney starting receiver) are two of three triplets.

“people expect this animosity between him and I but we are each other’s biggest supporters,” said Joshua Quinn.

They’ve been on football fields together since they were nine years old. Teammates up until 2 years ago. Both started at Laney, Joshua stayed, now Braden’s at Ashley.

“I was playing at Laney and still having fun with football but got hurt and thought maybe this isn’t for me,” said Braden Quinn. “And if I were to keep going, I wanted to work really hard at it. He’s (Joshua) doing great I’m doing great I would say – it all worked out but it’s a little weird.”

As cool as it is for the brothers of course the Quinn family, doing their best Kelce family impression, Literally split down the seems in support.

“Man I think its going to be awesome,” said Brian Quinn. “We have a lot of family coming since it is the Quinn Bowl for us — we are just so excited. No matter who wins or loses the game they are going to be happy for each other.”

They may say they are each other’s biggest supporters – but the video evidence will show – once that first whistle blows…
“For me it’s awesome getting to see and watch first hand … But you know – as much as I want him to succeed … I want to win! So if he has a bad game, that sucks *laughs* but let’s be real – I’m trying to win!”

“It’s going to be a lot of fun like he said… And I’m going to be watching every snap. I want to see him succeed, but as much as I want to see him succeed, you know I still want my guys to get picks on him I want to see some sacks, I want to see him get beat up out there… Because I’m trying to win too!”


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