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Residents at a Wilmington apartment complex suffering through sewage pipe problems



WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Residents at a Wilmington apartment complex are flooded with frustration after sewage problems left them with unfit living conditions. 

WWAY spoke with some of those residents on Wednesday about why they’re so upset. 

“This is not livable. Basically, this is nasty, this is disgusting,” Forest Hills Apartment Homes Resident, Vickie Thomas, said. 

Vickie Thomas lives at Forest Hills Apartment Homes off Alpine Dr. in Wilmington. Thomas said she’s had flooding and sewage problems since she moved there in December 2023. She said the last straw was this past weekend when her apartment became flooded due to sewage pipe problems. 

Thomas said apartment management has been unhelpful throughout the entire process. 

“They will not communicate with me, the office or corporate, and I’m just in a wall, backed up against the wall. They just shut me out,” Thomas said. 

Currently, the apartment is unlivable due to the sewage-soaked carpets. Thomas said Forest Hills sent a plumber and cleaning professionals but that hasn’t been enough. 

“The bathroom still has feces and used toiletries on my floor,” Thomas said. 

She also called the city of Wilmington for help. The city sent code enforcement officers to assess the issue. 

WWAY obtained a copy of the report which describes the apartment as: 

“Dilapidation, decay, unsanitary conditions or disrepair which is dangerous to the health, safety or welfare of the occupants or other people in the city.” 

For now, Thomas has been staying with her sister, Rosalyn, who also has an apartment within the complex. Rosalyn said she’s had several plumbing issues in the past as well. 

“My mom has been having headaches, I’ve been having headaches. I mean, my sister, I would not want her to live in a place like this. It’s unsanitary,” Rosalyn Thomas said. 

The city of Wilmington issued a statement on the problems at Forest Hills. It reads in part:  

“Our code enforcement team inspected the property on Monday after receiving calls about a plumbing issue and subsequently provided notice of violation to the regional property management. If the violation is not resolved and the dwelling meets the criteria for unfit for human habitation, we will prepare the case for an administrative hearing.” 

WWAY contacted management at Forest Hills Apartment Homes and Monarch Investment and Management Group which oversees Forest Hills Apartments. Neither have commented at this time. 

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