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Skeletons of Supply: Beloved roadside display survives vandalism



SUPPLY, NC (WWAY) — A familiar sight for drivers in Supply. “The Skeletons” as they are affectionately known have been posing on the side of Boone’s Neck Rd. for nearly two years, changing costumes and positions for nearly every holiday.  

“It’s just something different every time you ride by there,” Supply resident Leesa Hilty said. 

The owner of Second Chance Farm—Kelly Brookshire—is the woman behind the display.    

“I was just going to do it once or twice, so I did it for the storm, and then I thought, well you know we got Thanksgiving coming, so I dressed them up for Thanksgiving, and it started out and I had one or two, then I’d go somewhere and we’d add another one to the group,” she said. 

But bones were rattled last week when someone vandalized the yard skeletons, breaking the arm bone of the largest one; nicknamed “Big Guy.” 

“I was so angry because I put a lot of time and unfortunately a lot of money into it,” Brookshire said. “I try to be thrifty when I do my decorations, but I’ve still got a lot of money in it.”  

But that’s not the end of the story. The alleged assailant later returned to damage the skeletons; but this time, she was caught on the scene. The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office identified 23-year-old Abby Clemmons as the suspect.  

“Honestly, I never thought that we would catch the person. I really didn’t,” Brookshire said. 

Hilty said she’s met a few people who were not fans of the skeletons, but that she was still shocked that someone damaged them.  

“You do come across a couple that just don’t get it or think that it’s not the right place for them, things like that but I really don’t hear a lot of negativity,” Hilty said. 

In spite of what happened, Brookshire said she plans to continue her mission of bringing joy to the community.  

“One unfortunate event, but a year and a half and so many people enjoy it,” she said. 

Brookshire also gave WWAY an exclusive sneak peek for her next display. 

She said it will be on the eclipse, and that’s all she would reveal at this time. 

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