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Do I Need To Accept U-Haul Insurance When Renting a Moving Truck?



If you’re like me, you get used to denying upsells and add-ons at checkout.

No, I don’t want an extended warranty on my laptop. No, I don’t want a pre-paid maintenance plan from the car dealership. No, I don’t want the extra insurance from the rental car counter or at U-Haul. … Or do I?

Usually, you’re making a sound money decision just saying no. But there aren’t any blaring alarms that go off when “yes” is the right answer. Let’s dive into what could be a surprising revelation for some.

Do I Need the Insurance U-Haul Offers?

Will my normal auto insurance policy cover me when I rent a U-Haul?

That’s what a Clark Howard listener recently asked.

Asked Elaine in Florida: “When renting a U-Haul truck for a local move, do you need to take out the insurance?”

Surprisingly, the answer almost always is yes. You need it. Unless you’re renting a van or a very small truck.

“Almost always. And not based on it being local or long-distance,” Clark says. “Because your personal auto insurance will have a limit on how many [feet of] truck you can rent that will be covered by your own automobile insurance.”

Clark recalled a recent time when he rented a U-Haul. His insurance covers that type of vehicle if it’s 12 feet or less in length. He booked a shorter truck within those parameters, planning to rely on his own auto insurance. But when he arrived at the U-Haul location, he got some news.

“I had booked one size and got there and they said, ‘Oh, we have good news for you. We’ve upgraded you to like this mega truck.’ And I couldn’t take it,” Clark says. “Because it would not be covered by my auto insurance. So I had to wait for a smaller truck to be available.”

Call Your Auto Insurance Before Renting a U-Haul

When you’re moving, it’s already a hassle securing a U-Haul. You have to go through a series of legal documents and decisions about extra mattress pads even on the U-Haul website — and then either wait in a sometimes-slow line or go through a self-checkout process on your phone.

But take the time, at least once, to call your auto insurance.

“Find out what is the maximum length truck that you can rent,” Clark says. “You want to know that your auto insurance covers the vehicle. And covers the liability of you driving the vehicle.”

Although Clark elected to wait, if your auto insurance doesn’t cover the length of truck you need, you can take a close look at the daily insurance that U-Haul offers you.

Final Thoughts

You may need to accept the U-Haul insurance. Do your homework and find out the length of truck that your auto insurance covers under your policy.

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