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Social Security Benefit Payment Schedule: When You Can Expect Your Direct Deposits in July 2024



Social Security benefits are paid monthly to people who are disabled or can’t work to help them cover the essential costs of living like rent or mortgage, utilities, and food.

The Social Security Administration has a set Social Security benefit payment schedule so that people who receive benefits will know when they will receive their benefits.

It’s important for anyone who is getting Social Security benefit payments in July 2024 to know the Social Security benefit payment schedule. Knowing when your benefits will arrive will make it easier for you to create a monthly budget and make sure that your bills are paid on time.

Social Security disability benefits are just one type of benefit that people receive. You may receive Social Security disability benefits and still be eligible for other benefits from the Social Security Administration. The different types of Social Security benefits are:

Retirement Benefits

Social Security retirement benefits are available to anyone who has worked and paid into Social Security through their pay deductions. You must have earned at least 40 work credits in your working years to qualify for Social Security retirement benefits.

You can start drawing Social Security retirements at age 62, but you won’t get the full amount of the benefit if you do. In order to get the maximum benefit amount you should wait until you are 70.

If you were a stay-at-home spouse and didn’t work you may be eligible for Social Security retirement benefits based on the earnings of your spouse. If you’re divorced now, but you were married for at least 10 years, and you have not remarried you can claim Social Security retirement benefits based on your former spouse’s earnings.

Disability Benefits (SSDI)

SSDI or Social Security disability benefits are available to anyone who has worked but can’t work now because they have a medical condition that makes it impossible for them to work. To be approved for Social Security disability benefits, you will need to (1) properly apply for benefits, and (2) show the SSA that you have a medical condition that is recognized by them as disabling.

There are more than 200 different physical and mental illnesses and conditions that qualify for Social Security disability benefits. You can find a listing of all the conditions recognized by the SSA and the requirements that you must meet to get disability benefits with those conditions on the SSA’s website in the Blue Book.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

SSI or Supplemental Security Income is a benefit that is paid to adults who have never been able to work because of a disability or medical condition. Children can apply for SSI just before they turn 18 so that they will be able to financially take care of themselves.

If you’re a parent of a child who is disabled or has a severe illness you can apply for SSI on behalf of your child. But you must use the money from SSI only for the child’s expenses and document how the money is spent.

If you’re a parent applying for benefits on behalf of a child, you will need to show that your household income falls below the income set by the SSA. When you apply for SSI, you will need to submit a W-2 or tax return for every adult in the household who works full-time to show what the total household income is.

Survivor Benefits

When a worker passes away their spouse and children may be entitled to survivor benefits. Children can receive survivor benefits if they are under 18, or over 19 and still in high school, or if they are an adult that was disabled before they turned 22. Adopted children and stepchildren qualify for survivor benefits too.

Spouses who are 50 or older and disabled can receive survivor benefits. Spouses who are 60 or older and not disabled can also qualify for survivor benefits. If a deceased worker’s parents are elderly and depend on the worker for 50% or more of their income, they can also qualify for survivor benefits.

The Social Security benefit schedule for 2024 doesn’t change much from month to month. That’s because the schedule is determined by the type of benefit that you receive and the birthdate of the person whose name the benefit is under.

If you’re receiving benefits for yourself, your benefit payment date will be based on your birthdate. However, if you’re receiving survivor benefits, the benefit payment date will depend on the birthdate of the deceased worker.

If you’re receiving SSI for yourself or a child, you will always receive SSI at the beginning of the month regardless of your birthdate or the child’s birthdate.

Social Security benefit payment dates for July 2024 fall on:

  • Tuesday, July 1st
  • Thursday, July 3rd
  • Wednesday, July 10th
  • Wednesday, July 17th
  • Wednesday, July 24th

Depending on what your birth date is in the month that you were born—and what type of benefit you’re receiving—if you are due to receive Social Security benefits, you will receive them on one of those dates.

July 2024 Payment Dates for SSI Benefits. If you are receiving SSI, you will get your July 2024 SSI payment on Tuesday, July 1st.

July 2024 Payment Dates for People Receiving Both SSI & Social Security Retirement Benefits. If you are receiving SSI and Social Security retirement benefits, or if you started receiving SSI before 1997, you will receive your July 2024 SSI payment on Thursday, July 3rd.

July 2024 Payment Dates for All Other Social Security Benefits. And, for anyone receiving other types of Social Security benefits, the July 2024 Social Security benefit payment schedule is:

  • Wednesday, July 10th – If your birthdate is the 1st-10th of the month.
  • Wednesday, July 17th – If your birthdate is the 11th-20th of the month.
  • Wednesday, July 24th – If your birthdate is 21st -31st of the month.

If you’re not sure what date your benefits should arrive you can also check your account on the Social Security Administration’s website.

In the past, the Social Security Administration (SSA) gave people a choice of receiving a paper check or getting their benefits directly deposited into their bank accounts. Now the SSA only does direct deposit. The Social Security Administration no longer sends physical checks to benefit recipients.

If you don’t have a bank account or don’t want to use a bank account, your Social Security benefit money can be directly deposited onto the SSA’s Direct Express® card. You must sign up for the Direct Express® card on the SSA’s website and choose to have your money deposited onto the card.

You can use the Direct Express® card like a debit or credit card. It can be used to pay bills directly or to withdraw cash at an ATM. If you have your funds deposited into your bank account or onto a Direct Express® card, they should arrive the morning of the date that you are due to receive them.

The amount of money that you receive for your monthly Social Security benefit should be the same as previous months. Cost-of-Living-Adjustments are only made once a year, at the beginning of the year, so the amount of benefit should remain the same until 20225.

Holidays can sometimes impact when Social Security benefits are received. In July there is one major holiday, the July 4th Independence Day holiday, but that should not impact the paying of Social Security benefits. You should receive your Social Security benefits in July 2024 on time.

If you want to double-check what date you can expect your Social Security benefit payment the best way to do that is to go into your account on the Social Security Administration’s website and look at your account information. The date of your benefit payment should be in there. You can also call the SSA or email them if you have questions about your 2024 Social Security benefit payment date.

Managing your money can be a challenge when you only receive benefits once a month. A lot of people have trouble figuring out how to make their benefits last for a whole month until they receive another benefit payment. Some tips that may help you stretch your benefits are:

  • Get on-budget billing plans if your utilities offer them. That way you know exactly how much money you will owe for your utilities each month.
  • Plan your meals weekly and shop according to sales so that you can get the most food for your money.
  • Stock up on pantry essentials when they’re on sale like flour, sugar, and whole ingredients. If the money is running low before your next payment date, you can use those pantry staples to make good meals.
  • Set money aside for emergencies. When you do receive your benefit payment stick some of it into a savings account or use your Direct Express® card to withdraw some cash and keep that to help out if things get tight at the end of the month.

There are lots of online tools and resources that can help you find new ways to manage your monthly benefit payment effectively. You can join groups on Facebook and other social media where people share tips on everything from cooking to covering household emergencies when you are receiving only one payment per month.

If your benefits don’t arrive on time, call the SSA right away to find out if there is a problem with your benefits. You can either call the SSA toll-free at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), or you can also contact your local Social Security office.

If you’re receiving SSI, you should always receive your 2024 SSI payment on the 1st of the month, or the Friday before the first if the first falls on a weekend or holiday.

If you’re receiving any other kind of Social Security benefit payment the payment date for those benefits is based on your birthdate. You can check your specific Social Security benefit payment date in your My SSA account.

If you’re waiting for your SSDI because your disability application hasn’t been approved yet you should speak with a disability lawyer. Getting your application for SSDI approved can be a slow process because it’s complicated. Working with a disability attorney is a good way to make the process easier.

A disability attorney can help you understand the application process, tell you how to (and help you) fill out the application documents, and advise you on what documentation you need to include with your application to increase the chances of approval.

Disability lawyers work on a contingency basis—that means you don’t have to pay a disability lawyer anything up-front in order to speak with and/or get help from them.

Additionally, disability attorneys don’t get paid until your application is approved by the SSA. And, their fee is paid by the SSA directly, so you don’t ever have to pay out-of-pocket or up-front.

Fill out a Free Case Evaluation now to get connected with an independent disability attorney who can answer your questions and offer advice on your particular case.

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