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This is when you should consider selling Nvidia stock By


on — Nvidia (NASDAQ:) stock keeps on growing as the market rallies to a series of new all-time highs on the back of renewed September Fed pivot hopes after data posted better-than-expected numbers.

But amidst the seemingly never-ending Nvidia rally, investors who picked up the stock early in the year are now faced with one of the most difficult choices for investors – just when is the right time to sell the golden goose?

That’s yet another aspect of your investments where our state-of-the-art stock-picking tool can help you outperform for less than $9 a month.

And, according to its latest rebalance at the start of June the answer is: not yet.

In fact, our premium users who received the tip to hold on to the AI giant on the first trading day of June, are now reaping the rewards with a substantial 20.3% gain on the stock alone.

Even better, our long-term users who received the tip to buy the stock in November last year and hold it until now are swimming in a life-changing 223% gain.

But that will eventually change. Soon enough, it will tell its users to bag gains on Nvidia just like it did with several other stocks before they tanked. That will most likely be the right time to start taking profits.

One similar example is Vistra Energy Corp (NYSE:), which rallied 94.86% within the strategy and dropped 13% since our AI sold it at the beginning of this month.

So, if you want to know the right time to sell Nvidia, subscribe here for $9 a month and let the power of AI drive your profits to unseen levels.

While those gains are impressive, perhaps even more critical is our AI’s ability to tell just when to sell the stock. Powered by state-of-the-art fundamental models, our AI updates its users with the top picks and sells every month.

This is the exact methodology that pushed our real-world performance to a solid beat over the since our official launch in October. See the data below (per investment strategy):

  • Tech Titans: +71.14%
  • Beat the S&P 500: +34.63%
  • Top Value Stocks: + 32.06%
  • S&P 500: 29.15%

This is no backtest. This is the real-world performance unfolded right in front of our eyes.

The secret behind our AI’s top performance is that, unlike everything else out there, our strategies are forward-looking and not a momentum indicator.

Powered by the history of the stock market in data, our AI is designed to pick stocks before they rallythus not trying to chase the market. No bag-holding, just best-in-breed fresh stock picking.

In fact, our backtest suggest that investors who follow the strategies over the long run will get even better results. See below:
Source: ProPicks

This means a $100K principal in our strategy would have turned into an eye-popping $1,868,000 by now.

Amazing, right?

Subscribe now for less than $9 a month and get ready for a market-beating June performanceSubscribe Now!

*And since you made it all the way to the bottom of this article, we’ll give you a special 10% extra discount on all our plans with the coupon code PROPICKS20242!

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